What can I blog about?

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Last updated October 6, 2023
This blog post is for me to figure out what I should be writing about. I’ve optimized my blogging workflow several times now with hopes of making it easy to write more but never have I been able to actually consistently write. I’m not actually sure what the blocker is here cause I keep thinking that I need to do more but I don’t actually do more. So here’s me just actually writing something for a change. Even though it’s all spontaneous and not well thought. It’ll make me feel better to have actually written something.
Moving on to the topic of what I could potentially write about. Let’s try to list all the things going on in my life right now broken down by themes or sections with hopes of having to find a way to connect them for my writing.
  1. Tinkering with technology
    1. My experience with Coolify
  1. Fatherhood
  1. Crowdbotics (9 to 5)
  1. Autonomous (5 to 9)
  1. Personal growth
I feel like these are some good areas to begin with. I’m not entirely sure how I’ll connect them but I feel content talking about these.